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One of my hobbies is playing games of various sorts. My favorites are strategy games, role playing games, war games, and assorted board games either with other people or solo on my computer. I used to play a lot of collectible card games but don't much any more. I also play "normal" card games and miniatures games.

Make XP Fast using XPPAL!

In 2006 I posted this on as a parody response to one of those damn annoying "Make Money Fast" SPAM postings.

Jagged Alliance 2

I am one of the coders working on the Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 game.


My (current) favorite type of games are RPGs (Role Playing Games) and my current favorite sets of rules is GURPS from Steve Jackson Games. I have developed several optional rules (some of which have made it into print) and also have written quite a few GURPS related utility programs including MakeChar.

RPG maps

I have always loved maps and used to do all sort of them by hand. Now I use Campaign Cartopgraher to do them on my computer. I have a selection of the better (IMHO) ones here.

Game-related computer utilities

I started writing game related ultities for computers back when I was in college. Lately I've been writing them in Java so the newer ones should run on just about any computer.

Game Conventions

GenCon Indianapolis is the world's largest game convention. I referee events there every few years and sometimes even document them on my web site.

I've also attended Con of the North the past few years and events I run there are also documented here.

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