Space Viking's Jagged Alliance 2 Stuff

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Space Viking's builds

To install: (assumes you already have 1.13 installed) save the following .exe file into the folder where JA2 is installed

As this code is built from the latest "SVN" build you will need to use SVN to update all the game files to the latest copies. Look around on the Bear's Pit forums for info on how to do that.

NOTE: If you use the "one step installer" to install JA2 1.13 you can use it to install an earlier version of my code and then just save the latest .exe from below into your JA2 directory and run that.

To run: just run the .exe.

Current files follow:

This is a version of Jagged Alliance 1.13 based on the most recent source code available.

If you try this out and find a problem or have a comment please take part in the discussion about it.

Contents of release B008a

Displaying equipment information

Below is an XSL transformation that will show all items and all the attachments that work on them. Save the two files as I mention and then load ShowAttachments.xml in a browser (FireFox, Mozilla, IE6 or IE7). It can take a long time, 30+ seconds on my laptop, so be patient.

Save the files below in the same directory as all the XML data (Data-1.13/TableData usually). Then load ShowItemInfo.xml into a browser (Mozilla, Firefox, IE 6.0, and IE 7.0 work for sure).

If you get an error like this:

Well, it appears that Microsoft broke viewing of downloaded XML files with IE 7 as this worked fine with IE 6 (or maybe it was something in SP3 for XP and in Vista). This is supposedly a security feature where Windows knows that the file came from another computer and is trying to protect you from it.

Anyway, this explains how to fix it.