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My web pages are mostly about my hobbies and my home. Take a look through them and I hope you find something of interest.

I started redoing these all several years ago and, well, there they mostly sit. I still update a few of them piecemeal but someday (hey, quite laughing) I really should go back and finish updating all those old pages which I still have tucked away somewhere.


One of my main hobbies is playing games of various sorts. My favorites are strategy games, role playing games, war games, and assorted board games either with other people or solo on my computer. I used to play a lot of collectible card games but don't much any more. I also play "normal" card games and miniatures games.


My home is in a wooded area just north of Rochester, Minnesota (in the north-central part of the USA). My wife and I have done lots of landscaping and gardening around our house and have enough ideas to keep us busy for dozens more years.

Computers/home automation

I've been involved with computers since I was in grade school which was a long, long time ago.


Did you come here looking for some information about Mono on AIX or IBM i?


I have a little bit of info about myself here on the slim chance you might want to find out about me. And no, it's not that interesting. Except for the sinking the Bismark part.

What's new?

Here is a list (most recent first) of the last few major updates to my web page content:

  1. September 2008 - Added Mono page.
  2. June 2008 - Added Jagged Alliance 2 page.
  3. March 2006 - Version 6.66i of makechar.
  4. February 2006 - I updated my GenCon pages for 2006.

And, yes, most of my web pages here are in disarray and likely to remain so.

Important notes!

Email for Bill

My email address is "Bill" and the domain is "". Combine the two with an at sign (@) in between to send me email.

I get several hundred spam emails a day and use very aggressive filtering to get rid of the junk. If you want to be sure of your first email getting to me include the string MAKECHAR in the subject and send plain text, not HTML. I'll add you to my "white list" after that and your email will get to me unhindered.


I use valid XHTML on my web pages and try to keep them friendly for non-graphical browsers. If you encounter something that doesn't seem to look right or any typos please let me know. Of course not everything will work without a graphical browser, specifically my RPG map pages and garden photo pages.

I check my pages with Firefox/Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

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