Seurer Yard/Garden Tour, wild turkeys!

We've been watching several turkeys raising their young all summer long. They come right up to the house and while they are wary around us they really aren't very skittish. One morning there were four females and at least 15 little ones.

This is the mother turkey who hangs around the most. We see her and her five little ones almost every day when they come into the yard to eat acorns, seeds, and bugs.

In late August the chicks (is that what young turkeys are called?) are almost as big as their mom. It's kind of hard to see them but all five of them are along the edge of the driveway to the left of mom.

Seconds after I took this shot mom started clucking and the babies vanished into the woods as she ran down the driveway. A few minutes later she cautiously came back clucking slightly differently and the little ones came running out of the woods to meet her.

This particular shot was taken through the window on a hazy day several weeks earlier than the ones above. It gives you something to compare sizes with, though. The babies grow really fast! When we first saw them in July they were about 1/3 the size they are here and looked tiny next to mom.