Seurer Yard/Garden Tour, page 4

Walking down our driveway you eventually come to a "gate". Actually, it is part of our deer defenses. The first few years we lived here the deer ate everything so we put up an electrified fence to keep them out. So far so good!

You can see how we routed the driveway and turnaround around trees to minimize the impact on the forest.

The fence is 2 strands of wire one at about 3 1/2 feet and the other at about 2 feet. The fence is powered by a 4 volt low impedence solar charged system. So far it has worked great though keeping the wires clear is a weekly task.

The gate is a coil of wire that can be disconnected and hung up at one side. We usually close it in the evening and open it in the morning because the deer aren't very active during the day.

I can attest that it gives a nasty shock when you touch it. Ouch.

Stepping past the gate and looking off to the left into the front yard...